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New Year's Eve Countdown Activities for kids

New Year's Eve with the kids can be a lot of fun... especially if you are prepared.  So, this year, I put together 8 countdown bags filled with fun surprises for the kids.

The plan is to let the kids open a bag every hour as we count down to midnight.  To make the bags, I used: regular brown lunch bags, colored cardstock, and a Sharpie.  I taped the clocks to the front of the bags, filled them with goodies, and stapled them shut.  Easy, right?

All the contents are inexpensive, but the boys will have a lot of fun opening each bag.  Here is what I used:

5:00pm - "Year in review" questionnaires, which you can find here.

6:00pm - Supplies to make New Year's Eve party hats.  {You can find the ones we are making here.}

7:00pm - Balloons from the Dollar Store... to decorate for the big countdown.

8:00pm - Cars from the Dollar Store. 

9:00pm - A little snack.

10:00pm - Noisemakers.

11:00pm - More noisemakers.

12:00am - Cookies and milk for a midnight toast.

We may actually start earlier than 5pm... as I doubt the kids will make it to midnight.  We'll see how things go!

Happy New Year!


Gina Bell (aka East Coast Mommy)

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  1. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!:) I'm a mom of 4 and i will try this this year to keep them excited of the new years. But I think i will start early since their bed time is at 9 the latest and I don't think they would last past 10. Thnx keep posting, please!

  2. Rad! I love this idea. So glad I saw it before NYE.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. So glad you like it! I will be posting a 2013 Year in Review printable very soon! :-)

  3. What a fantastic idea!! We are trying countdown bags this year for sure;-)

  4. Thanks for such a great idea!!! I have 7 countdown bags all ready for my 8-year-old daughter! For my activities, I have a make your own ball to drop, decorate party hats, a 2013 year in review (thanks to you!), a snack, noisemakers, beads and 2014 glasses, and then for midnight I have plastic cups to do a toast with grape juice :)

    1. Those sound great! I can't wait to put some together for this year. Just got back from buying a few fun treats! :-)


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