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Back to School Printables

School doesn't start here until the first week of September, but I know some of my readers are heading back sooner.  So, I thought now would be a good time to share some Back to School Printables.

These 8X10 prints would be cute as photo props on the first day of school.  They would also be cute framed and sitting on the table for a special "first day of school breakfast".  You can download prints for grade primary to six {without the watermark} below.  Feel free to share the printables, but do NOT link directly to the download.  Thank you!

Preschool Print
Grade Primary Print
Grade 1 Print
Grade 2 Print
Grade 3 Print
Grade 4 Print
Grade 5 Print
Grade 6 Print

I hope you have a great first day of school.  Enjoy the free printables!

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)


  1. So cute. I need to do this as my boys will be starting preschool. Thanks for sharing! Found you via Sun Scholars this morning. I would love to invite you to share this at my Season’s Best {Back-to-School} Link-Up this month. Best wishes for a great start to the school year! Thanks!

    1. Starting Preschool is a big step. Enjoy! :-)

  2. These are great ... thanks for so generously sharing them! I featured your printables as the Free Printable(s) of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest.

  3. So fun!
    Thank for sharing it over at our virtual summer camp. ~mari

  4. These are really cute. Thanks for linking up for Mummy Mondays. :)

  5. Those printables are SO cute - you must go through a lot of ink!!!

    1. Because of the dark background, I had this one printed at Walmart. It looks better, and it's cheaper. :-)

  6. Do you have one for Kindergarten?

    1. I didn't make one for Kindergarten, but I will make sure I do one next year. :-)

  7. Cute :3
    Thanks :)


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